Our alumni are invited back to Clare for their first Reunion Dinner 12 years after matriculation, and once every 10 years after that. To find out when your next Reunion Dinner will be taking place, please check the schedule below.  

Reunion Dinners take place on Friday evenings and accommodation in College is provided free of charge, giving members the opportunity to get closely re-acquainted with the College bar after dinner, if they wish! Pre-dinner drinks are served in the SCR, followed by dinner in Hall. Reunions are Black Tie events and, due to their popularity and space limitations in Hall, are open only to Clare members. However, we do also offer Alumni Dinners, which partners and friends are very welcome to attend.


Reunion Dinner Schedule 2015-2020

Invitations to Reunion Dinners are sent to all eligible alumni at least 2 months before each event. You will find information about upcoming Reunion Dinners in Clare News, the monthly e-newsletter and the Clare Association Annual, as well as on our events pages. 


 Matriculation Year  Date of Reunion
 1974/75  Friday 22 September



 Matriculation Year  Date of Reunion
 Up to 1953  Saturday 10 March 
 1984/85  Friday 23 March
 1994/95  Friday 29 June
 2004/05  Saturday 30 June 


 Matriculation Year  Date of Reunion
 1966/67  Friday 22 March
 1976/77  Friday 13 September
1954 to 1956  Friday 20 September



 Matriculation Year  Date of Reunion
 1986/87  Friday 20 March
 1957 to 1959  Friday 27 March (Lunch)
 1996/97  Friday 18 September
 2006/07  Friday 25 September